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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Success Stories

Thousands of world wide medical travelers start their healing trip every month all accross the world. Here are some of their success stories.

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Testimonial by William Roakes

William Roakes

Recently I was diagnosed with liver disease, getting proper medical treatment is very expensive in U.K and my insurance does not cover main procedure so I was in fix and looking for other alternative, one of my colleagues has suggested France Medical Tourism. I went and enquired about the programs. The Tourism people took care of everything including my hotel accommodations and appointment with doctors and other necessary things. They helped me during my treatment process and they took care of me till I returned to my home. The tourism packages are awesome, we don’t need to worry about anything and most of all it is very affordable.

They suggested CHU Hospitaux de Rouen hospital in France. The hospital is centre for excellence; they provide range of speciality treatments. They gave me the excellent treatment and offered best services. The doctors are very experienced and very friendly. The total treatment cost, lodging, food and flight charges everything included is just half of the price compare to getting treatment in U.K.

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