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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Thousands of world wide medical travelers start their healing trip every month all accross the world. Here are some of their success stories.

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Testimonial by William Cole

William Cole

I like to share my experience with all of you, recently I had a knee replacement surgery at Hospital Nacional it is located at panama the beautiful country.  I was an athletic and use to do many exercises, now I became old and came all complications along with age. Before my surgery, I was not able to walk few miles and unable to take steps as I use to get sever pain in my knees and unable to bare the pain.  I consulted an orthopaedic doctor and he told knee replacement is the best solution but I was concerned about the expenses and again he suggested to go to Panama and also suggested to visit Hospital Nacional and told that they have world famous orthopaedic doctors and the treatment procedure costs very less.

I took Panama Medical Tourism package deal, they took care of everything, I just went like a tourist and consulted the doctors fixed the surgery date and everything done in jiffy, now I am able to walk miles and able to take steps instead of lift. Thanks to my doctor who told me about this incredible hospital and thanks to Panama Medical Tourism unit, they are fantastic.

from Panama Flag Panama