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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Success Stories

Thousands of world wide medical travelers start their healing trip every month all accross the world. Here are some of their success stories.

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Testimonial by Sarah David

Sarah David

I  have really very good story to share with you all, my nephew is very handsome kid and very intelligent but he has a speaking problem because of that he use to stay all by himself and felt lonely, he never go out to play with his friends fearing that they may tease him. We all are very sad seeing that little kid suffering, but fortunately like an angel one day a friend came to our home and told about this magnificent Hospital in Malaysia called Sunway Medical Centre. My husband enquired more about the hospital and we immediately took him to the hospital.

The Doctors are amazing they were very friendly with the kid and made him very happy, instantly he felt better and they did absolutely amazing treatment. By god’s grace my darling nephew is quite normal and now when I see him I feel very happy. Thank you so much to all the Hospital Unit and Doctors for doing tremendous job.

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