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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Thousands of world wide medical travelers start their healing trip every month all accross the world. Here are some of their success stories.

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Testimonial by Jordan Caper

Jordan Caper

Hi, I like to tell about Sandringham Hospital the amazing Hospital in Australia, this wonderful hospital was established in 1964 and since then it is offering outstanding services to all patients.  It has many departments and offers quality equipment and world’s best doctors and treatment procedures. It is now congregated with Alfred Hospital. The hospital provides best Neurologists.

My wife is suffering with Cerebral Palsy it is kind of disorder that effects brain and nervous system, she is suffering with this disease for quite some time, I took her to many doctors and tried different types of treatments but nothing worked properly, our doctors suggested to take her to Sandringham Hospital and said that the hospitals has best and world famous Neurologists who will definitely handle this case much better way, so I rushed to Australia and immediately they started the treatment, she is getting better and every day there is much improvement in her health. I am really thankful to doctors helping her to get better and the doctors who suggested this hospital.

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