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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Thousands of world wide medical travelers start their healing trip every month all accross the world. Here are some of their success stories.

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Testimonial by Harry Campbell

Harry Campbell

I like to share with you all about the best and affordable treatment for Astigmatism. I was suffering with astigmatism, when it was in starting stage I neglected and then after few days my vision was so blurry and when I went to the doctor he said I need to get surgery, they suggested laser surgery but when I came to know the cost I just couldn’t believe and thought I can never able to get the treatment, but fortunately my doctor suggested to visit Daping Hospital in China, he told me that the hospital offers world-class doctors, very experienced and professional in this field and he told me the cost of the treatment is half of the what the hospital charges in my country including travelling charges.

I went to china for the treatment and met the doctors they said, it is very simple procedure and they said it takes only few hours and I will be able to see clearly within few days. Thanks to my doctor who told me about this hospital and to the doctors in Daping Hospital for giving my sight back.  

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