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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Rentals in France

Things that you Need to Know Before Renting in France

Renting is not an easy principle at home, so why should France be any different? Travellers hoping to extend their stay in France by renting a place need to know some key facts about the the country, the language, and the hidden rules of renting abroad.

In France, most places are rented out by real estate agents or agent immobiliers. They will be your best resource, though there will be a fee for their services. If you haven’t already, LEARN FRENCH. It is imperative that you understand the rental ads and contracts. Yes, this is the most difficult portion of the assignment, but it is the most important. By seeking the help of an agent immobilier and knowing some French, you will be ready to tackle the task of finding your perfect getaway home.

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