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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Clinical studies involving Sleeve Gastrectomy have found these procedures far safer, with lower recuperation time and less re-operations than with banding surgeries. Although relatively a newer surgical procedure, abroad Sleeve Gastrectomy is gaining in popularity for both patients and surgeons. Those who are seeking a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeon abroad should do their research on the procedure, price and surgeon. Abroad clinics do offer packaged accommodations to cover airfare, surgery and recovery accommodations.

According to Dr. Michel Gagner, a surgeon in Montreal, QC, this procedure has expanding outside the United States and became very prominent in India, Chile, Europe countries and in Japan. Surgeons believe that once this procedure takes firm hold in the gastric surgical medical communities, it will certainly bypass the most popular abroad gastric surgery which is banding.

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