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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Organ Transplant Surgery

An organ transplant is a sensitive and complex surgical procedure. It replaces a diseased, damaged or failing organ with a healthy donor organ. Doctors consider several factors before transplantation occurs: medical assessments, immune functioning, personal factors and organ availability. Depending on the type of transplant involved, surgeons may use an organ from a living donor or cadaver donor. Organ transplants are expensive surgical procedures, and they are sometimes controversial. As a result, many people travel abroad for transplant surgery.

Medical tourism offers almost every type of transplant imaginable: cornea, liver, kidney, pancreas, intestine, heart, lung, bone marrow, skin and other organs. Surgeons in nearly 70 international hospitals perform transplant surgeries on foreign patients. First-rate doctors, affordable costs, modern facilities and cutting-edge surgical technology make transplants abroad a viable medical option.

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