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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis Treatment

Tenosynovitis is inflammation of the synovium,a fluid like casing that covers the tendon. Symptoms are stiffness,pain and swelling causing difficulty to move particular joints that are effected. Naproxen or ibuprophen may be used to reduce the swelling along with using a brace to relieve and minimize the usage of the effected area.Severe cases cortizone shots are used and surgery to enlarge the synovium to reduce fluid retention and swelling.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon and symptoms are similar to Tenosynovitis. Other symptoms can include muscles cramping and make knots around the effected joint and burning sensations. Resting the effected tendon with a brace,using anti-inflammatory and coupled with physical therapy can heal tendonitis. More severe or chronic tendonitis, laser therapy has been used to repair and diminish symptoms.

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