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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Orthopedics Treatment Abroad

Besides taking advantage of retirement to see more of the world, many patients are traveling across international borders to have their hips, knees, shoulders and spine worked on. Not only can orthopedic surgery help patients improve their range of motion in older age, but can also relieve pain and discomfort that is often found in patients.

Orthopedic surgery can be surgical or non-surgical. It is used to treat a broad range of traumatic injuries and degenerative diseases. One of the most common procedures for older adults is total hip replacement. The best orthopedic surgeons can minimize the risk of complications.   

While many travelers seek plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry abroad, orthopedic procedures are popular treatments in medical tourism. In fact, orthopedic surgery is near the top of the list. More than 400 international hospitals offer orthopedic surgery and other therapies to foreign patients. Joint replacement, arthritis therapies, resurfacing procedures, spine surgeries, and bone disease treatments are just some of the procedures sought by medical tourists.

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