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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Orbital Tumors Surgery

The orbit is the socket that protects the eyeball and optic nerves. The orbital region includes bone, muscle, nerves and blood vessels. Orbital tumors can occur in any of these structures. Most tumors have a neural origin and are treated by neurological surgeons. Global travelers often seek treatment for orbital tumors through medical tourism. Many foreign hospitals have world-class neurology centers and cancer treatment facilities.

Orbital tumors are generally small, benign growths that do not require treatment. Large tumors that cause disfigurement or vision problems are surgically removed. Cancerous tumors require radiation or chemotherapy in addition to surgery. Quality cancer treatment centers are located in almost every medical tourism destination. Medical travelers can find the best neurology centers abroad in Israel, India, Turkey, Panama, Mexico, Thailand and other developing countries.   

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