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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Cornea/Corneal Diseases Treatment

Ophthalmology treatment is an important part of medical tourism. Foreign surgeons treat numerous corneal diseases, including Fuch’s dystrophy. This rare, progressive disorder allows a hazy deposit to build up on the cornea. Without transparency, the cornea loses its function. The eye swells, the vision clouds and patients usually experience pain. Fuch’s dystrophy and other corneal problems are treatable with surgery.

When eye drops, ointments and soft contacts fail to improve vision, doctors recommend a corneal transplant. Many international hospitals perform corneal transplants for a fraction of western world prices. Known as a keratoplasty, corneal transplants replace damaged corneal tissue with healthy donor tissue. The procedure is highly effective and relatively common today. Hospitals in Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Panama and Thailand enjoy international recognition as world-class ophthalmology treatment centers.

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