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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Sinus Surgery

Every year it is estimated that roughly 50,000 people in the US suffer from sinusitis, which is basically an inflammation of the of the mucous membranes inside the nose. We are all familiar with this happening a couple of times a winter with colds and flu, but for some the inflammation is chronic and even debilitating causing breathing problems and even scar tissue build up the that ironically leads to further breathing problems. A common remedy for this as well as sleep apnea is the application of a machine at night that keeps airways open. However, it is often cumbersome and as uncomfortable as the condition itself.

This is why a number of Americans choose the relief of sinus surgery which opens the airways by removing swollen tissue and cauterizes any problem bleeding. This alleviates the patients breathing problems as wells as any sinus exudate. Many patients are opting for having this operation done in the comfort and exotic location of another country where the procedures are on par and the view certainly the views above par.

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