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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Nasal Endoscopy (Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy)

Chronic sinus infections can be due to certain environmental, recurring allergies or from a deviate septum. A Nasal Endoscopy (Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy) procedure requires the insertion of an endoscopy into the nasal cavity and a CT scan of the sinus cavities for accurate diagnosis. This procedure is a simple in-office examination. A topical anesthetic is sprayed into the nasal cavities and an endoscopy, a flexible and lighted magnifying camera, is inserted for exploratory examination.

Individuals may undergo years of chronic sinus infections and inflammations until a visit or a referral to an Otolaryngologist is needed. An Otolaryngologist is an Ear and Nose and Throat doctor. Sufferers of chronic sinus infections seeking this procedure abroad should be certain that their selected Otolaryngologist is certified with at least four years of residency. 

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