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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Arrhythmia (Cardiac Rhythm Disorder) Treatment

The term arrhythmia is used for certain heart issues. Some are benign, but some may be life-threatening, so receiving a proper diagnosis is critical. Palpitations are often the result of arrhythmia, and it is important that all palpitations are investigated. Tachycardia, or an extremely rapid heartbeat, is also common and can be frightening.

The treatments for serious arrhythmias can be prohibitively expensive, and it is not uncommon for insurance companies to refuse to cover certain surgeries and treatments. Further, many of the treatments are relatively new, and insurers will not pay for so-called unproven treatments. Fortunately, many countries offer these services at a much lower cost than providers in the United States, and traveling to another country can allow those suffering from serious arrhythmias to receive the treatment they need.

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