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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Dr. YAO Li
Dr. YAO Li Gastroenterology
  • Gender: Male
  • Current Residency: China China

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About Dr. YAO Li

YAO Li, M.B, associate senior doctor of Gastroenterology Department, is proficient in gastrointestinal cancer surgery, minimally invasive surgery, especially in recent years in comprehensive personalized minimally invasive treatment of low advanced rectal cancer.
Titles: M.B, Associate Senior Doctor 
Department: Gastroenterology Dept., China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Education: Further study in Second Surgery Department, School of Medicine, Kumamoto University in Japan, 1992.6-1994.1
Bachelor Degree, China Medical University, 1987
Experience: Work experience in China-Japan Friendship Hospital since July of 1987

Research: Researches in recent years into low advanced rectal cancer;
Probes into comprehensive treatment strategy for gastrointestinal cancer;
Director of multiple key projects at ministry level and hospital level
Activities: Participation for many times of international conference

Dr. YAO Li Services

  • Languages Spoken English Chinese
  • Special Expertise Gastroenterology
  • Admitting Hospital China-Japan Friendship Hospital
  • Obtained Medical Degree From Kumamoto University in Japan China Medical University

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