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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Dr. Shuquan Liu
Dr. Shuquan Liu Chinese Medicine

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About Dr. Shuquan Liu

Dr. Shuquan Liu is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who has practised in both China and Australia for more than 19 years.

He graduated from Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University with a PhD. He is an holistic Doctor and specialises in setting up his patient’s health for the long term.

He always aims to help his patients live for 100 years drug free and pain free. He is in charge of TCM Australia’s three clinics and the 101 Wellbeing centre with a team of 12 Chinese Medical practitioners who have been trained by Dr. Liu.

Dr. Liu and his team have successfully helped more than 55,000 patients worldwide whose ailments included IBS, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnoea, cancer, skin conditions, infertility, sciatica, muscular-skeletal problems, and stubborn and difficult internal and external problems.

Dr. Shuquan Liu Services

  • Alternative
  • Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Languages Spoken English Chinese
  • Special Expertise Chinese Medicine
  • Admitting Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Austalia
  • Obtained Medical Degree From Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University

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