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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Dr. Rina Valia
Dr. Rina Valia Homeopathy

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About Dr. Rina Valia

Rina Valia,LCEH, MD(Hom), practices Classical Homeopathy in Cupertino and San Jose.

Rina has graduated in homeopathy from India and has had an opportunity to work with renowned homeopaths like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Sudhir Baldota, Dr. Gunvante and many others. She is an active member of NCH (National Center of Homeopathy). Rina was involved in busy private practices in Bombay, India and now practices here in the Bay Area in San Jose and Cupertino, California.

Rina Valia, LCEH, MD (Hom), has had an opportunity to study extensively with Dr. Sankaran and others from the Mumbai group. She incorporates Dr. Sankarans renowned 'The Sensation Method' in her practice.

She conducts and organizes seminars and teachings on the Sensation Method and Classical Homeopathy which are very well received. Her guest lecturers include some of the renowned homeopaths including Dr. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Sudhir Baldota, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Rajan Sankarans video series, and many others.

Rina specializes in giving care to people suffering from allergies, skin disorders, chronic conditions, and other illnesses for which the conventional medicine does not offer a permanent or non-toxic solution.

Practicing homeopathy is not a mere routine practice but a sheer joy and pleasure to see this great science render deep healing and transform lives of people.

Rina does consultations in classical homeopathy for both children and adults suffering with a wide range of ailments.

In addition to English, Rina is fluent in Hindi, Gujarati & Kannada and consults patients in these languages too.

Dr. Rina Valia Services

  • Alternative
  • Homeopathy
  • Languages Spoken Hindi English
  • Special Expertise Homeopathy
  • Admitting Hospital Pacific Homeopathy
  • Board Certification Certification in Leaders on Chronic Disease Self Management Program Certification in Classical Homeopathy Licentiate Certification in Education of Homeopathy (LCEH)
  • Obtained Medical Degree From S K Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in India

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