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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Medical Tourism in Singapore

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Singapore medical tourism draws travelers from the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries around the world. The former British colony boasts a world-class medical infrastructure and English-speaking medical personnel. Singapore is one of the most prosperous Asian nations, and its international ties are strong. Medical tourism is an important national industry in this country.

While healthcare costs are somewhat less expensive in neighboring regions, Singapore offers benefits that are unmatched by other countries. World-class education and training, a familiar infrastructure, order, cleanliness and minimal culture shock are some examples. Medical tourism services include conventional treatments and alternative therapies.   

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  • Capital: Singapore
  • Currency: Singapore dollar
  • Dialing Code: +65
  • Total Population: 5,183,700
  • Languages Spoken: 4 official languages are English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
  • Yearly Tourists: 11,638,663
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Read more here
If you're considering taking a short-term trip for the purposes of a medical vacation, you'll want to choose somewhere that's both well-known for being established in the world of medicine and technology, and provides a welcome retreat during your recuperation. The bustling country of Singapore manages to strike the perfect balance in providing such a mix, giving you all the ingredients you need for the ideal medical vacation. An island country, Singapore is actually made up of 63 distinct islands, and is widely reputed to be one of the cleanest and healthiest countries in the world. With beautiful surroundings and attentive, hospitable locals at your disposal, Singapore will win you over with its charm.
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