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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Medical Tourism in Hungary

Hungary Flag Medical Travel to Hungary

Heal - Treatments in Hungary

If you're in need of some serious dental work and want to experience a beautiful country in your lifetime, Hungary is the place to go. Dental services are a major part of the medical tourism industry in this country. Frasers Hospitality's article "Medical Tourism in Europe-Hungary, Budapest" lets interested individuals know that many of the doctors and staff speak English, which makes an easier transition for some travelers.

Furthermore, the cost of medical care is shockingly lower in this country than others. The article goes on to explain that Budapest dentists charge about 20-40 percent less than Western European doctors.

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Travel - Tourism in Hungary

Travel to Hungary Travel to Hungary - Budapest Travel to Hungary Travel to Hungary
  • Capital: Budapest
  • Currency: 1 USD = 217.7 Hungarian forints
  • Dialing Code: +36
  • Total Population: 9,971,000
  • Languages Spoken: Hungarian, however hospitals that cater to medical tourists have many English speaking staff.
  • Yearly Tourists: 2.7 million
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Read more here
When you consider the ideal locale for your next short-term medical vacation, it pays to think outside the box and forgo some of the more traditional spots for medical tourism. Surprisingly, the often underrated country of Hungary has a great deal to offer to the open-minded tourist looking to soak in the comfort and warmth of a different culture and way of life. Despite being completely landlocked and in an area that does not have a temperate climate all year long, it is one of the top thirty tourist destinations, drawing travelers from all over the world. The unique culture, friendly locals, and ability to have one-of-a-kind experiences makes a trip to this country an unforgettable outing.
  1. Hungarian Parliament BuildingHungarian Parliament Building
  2. Geological MuseumGeological Museum
  3. Lake BalatonLake Balaton
  4. Buda CastleBuda Castle
  5. Transport Museum of BudapestTransport Museum of Budapest