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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Medical Tourism in Germany

Germany Flag Medical Travel to Germany

Heal - Treatments in Germany

Germany is proud of their health care, which is among the best in the world. Compared to the United States, Germany has twice as many hospitals per capita and health care costs half as much, so it is a popular destination for Americans seeking treatment. Germany has also become popular among Middle Eastern medical tourists.

Germany is well known for its bone marrow specialists, making it a popular destination for bone marrow transplants, as well as stem cell and organ transplants, and radioactive oncology. Americans also travel to Germany for treatments that have not yet been approved by the FDA. 

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Travel - Tourism in Germany

Travel to Germany Travel to Germany - Berlin Travel to Germany Travel to Germany
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Currency: Euro
  • Dialing Code: +49
  • Total Population: 82 Million
  • Languages Spoken: German
  • Yearly Tourists: 63.8 million
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Read more here
When it comes time to consider a destination for a medical vacation, most people begin having visions of sunny beaches and private, opulent cabins with the sound of the ocean or sea in the background. However, the beautiful landscape of Germany makes it an ideal place for medical tourism, no matter what time of year. Incredibly welcoming to travelers from all over the world, Germany has a temperate climate and is known for hearty food and drink that's bound to provide comfort during your time of recovery. If you're looking for a more active adventure, the number of tourist attractions in the area is overwhelming, leaving you with something that's always right up your alley.
  1. Berlin WallBerlin Wall
  2. Neuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein Castle
  3. Brandenburg GateBrandenburg Gate
  4. Cologne CathedralCologne Cathedral
  5. Pergamon MuseumPergamon Museum