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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Medical Tourism in Dubai

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Dubai medical tourism, an industry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), offers high-quality healthcare at very affordable prices. Dubai is home to the first Middle Eastern hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). It now boasts eleven hospitals with international accreditation, including a children’s hospital.

Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, other languages are also spoken including Persian, Hindi, Tagalong, Chinese and English, the “lingua franca” that helps break the language barrier. Medical tourists to Dubai can expect first-class treatments such as laser eye surgery, cochlear implants, dermatology, bariatric surgery and dozens of other medical procedures.   

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  • Capital: Dubai
  • Currency: Arab Emirate Dirham
  • Dialing Code: +971
  • Total Population: 2 million
  • Languages Spoken: Official language is Arabic, but English, Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Tagalog are also spoken
  • Yearly Tourists: 10 million
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Read more here
The medical tourism industry has grown significantly over the past two decades. While Central and South America has often been the part of the world most Americans have considered for this type of vacation, the glittering city of Dubai has become an international mecca for medical travelers. Located within the United Arab Emirates, it is an area that has become synonymous with wealth and luxury, offering the very best amenities. Due to the exchange rate, many Americans find a vacation in Dubai to be affordable and a wonderful way to experience a new culture without sacrificing all the comforts a medical retreat demands.
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