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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Medical Tourism in Colombia

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Heal - Treatments in Colombia

South America is a favorite travel destination for many international tourists. Columbia medical tourism is a growing part of the travel. The rising costs of healthcare around the world are contributing factors in the medical tourism phenomenon. Columbian doctors address the problem with first-rate medical services at affordable costs.

Modern hospitals, English-speaking doctors and familiar infrastructures make Columbia a comfortable place for tourists to visit. The exotic location gives them the ideal place to recover. Plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, hair transplants and cosmetic dentistry are the most common medical tourism procedures. Most of the hospitals are located in Bogota     

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Travel - Tourism in Colombia

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  • Capital: Bogota
  • Currency: Colombian peso
  • Dialing Code: +57
  • Total Population: 46,927,125
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish
  • Yearly Tourists: 2.5 million
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Read more here

If you're looking for a bit of privacy and adventure while planning your next medical retreat, why not consider a visit to the beautiful and vibrant country of Colombia? With over 46 million people, Colombia is a thriving culture that is extremely friendly to tourists, and likely to greet you with open arms on your short-term medical vacation. A relatively short flight from the United States, Colombia boasts everything from humble retreats designed to make you feel as if you've entered a gentler and simpler time to four-star resorts that dazzle. With plenty to do and see, you'll leave not only healthy and refreshed, but having experienced something you'll remember for a lifetime.

  1. Bolivar SquareBolivar Square
  2. Colombian National MuseumColombian National Museum
  3. Bogota Botanical GardenBogota Botanical Garden
  4. Cali ZooCali Zoo
  5. Los Katios National ParkLos Katios National Park