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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Weight Loss Surgery abroad by Best Weight Loss Surgeons at Affordable Prices

Weight Loss Surgery abroad by Best Weight Loss Surgeons at Affordable Prices

The practice of traveling abroad for higher quality or lower-priced medical care is known as medical tourism. Medical tourism companies specialize is finding clients the best prices and highest quality medical procedures anywhere in the world. Interested parties can get quotes on how much the surgery will cost plus a rough estimate of travel and lodging expenditures. Medical tourism companies are sometimes not-for-profit, but charge a fee to connect patients with the best surgeons around the world. Medical tourism may be a good option for those interested in weight-loss surgery at an affordable price.

There are two generally recognized forms of weight loss surgery: gastric bypass and lap band. A gastric bypass works by pinching off a small portion of the stomach and rerouting that portion to the middle of the small intestine. This effectively reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold and prevents the calories from that food from being absorbed by the lower intestine. Mini-gastric bypass is a third type of surgery. It requires less recovery time than the traditional procedure and results in more weight loss. However, controversial side-effects such as acid reflex make it less popular amongst bariatric surgeons.

Lap band surgery is even simpler, using a plastic band to expand or restrict stomach capacity. Because lap band surgery is a less complex procedure, it is also less expensive making it a good option for budget-minded candidates.

Both gastric bypass and lap band surgeries have been successfully performed in locations outside the US for over 15 years. Mexico is a popular location due its history of successful surgeries and close proximity to the United States. It is worth noting that lap band surgeries were being performed in Mexico before they were in the United States. Patients can realize cost savings from 50% to 60% there. The language barrier can be an issue, but most patients find that the cost savings are worth this minor inconvenience. The average price for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is $12,500. Lap band surgery costs roughly $6,500.

India has also earned a reputation for performing thousands of weight loss surgeries both safely and effectively. Its doctors and surgeons are renown for their extensive medical knowledge and patient care. American candidates for surgery will appreciate that the language barrier is less problematic here, with many surgeons, nurses and travel personnel speaking English. The cost savings in India are comparable to those of Mexico--50 to 60%--but US travelers will pay more in air fare and hotel fees.

Patients will need to account for recovery time when planning their trip. Lap band patients are usually held no longer than 48 hours, but gastric bypass and mini-gastric bypass patients may require from 4 to 6 days. It is a good idea to have a partner or friend travel along to help the patient get around after surgery and to help in case something goes wrong. When the patient returns home, post-operative care is usually handled by a domestic doctor of the patient's choosing. Good communication between patient and doctor during post-care is the key to overall success of the surgery.

Reputable bariatric surgeons have been serving patients in all areas of the world for over two decades now. If you are interested in lap band surgery, consider learning more about how you can get this life-saving procedure at an affordable cost. Your body will be glad you did.