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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Gastroenterology Treatment cost around the world

Gastroenterology Treatment cost around the world

Gastenterology specialists treat people with digestive problems and related disorders. Many people with problems of the stomach and intestine may require these procedures: endoscopy, endoscopy pseudocyst drainage, colonoscopy, ERCP, cholesystectomy, hernia repair and gall bladder surgery. These surgical procedures are often more affordable around the world than in the United States. People in need of treatment often turn to other countries for cost savings. Here are some countries that welcome visitors for medical tourism:

Yanhee Hospital -- Thailand

People visiting the Yanhee Hospital in Thailand may obtain a gasteroenterology diagnosis and surgery promptly by an experienced team of professionals. Thailand is ranked 47th in terms of overall healthcare services in the world, but the hospital seems to excel in treatment to foreign patients. The hospital has a 400 bed capacity and is accredited by JCI and Thai HA.

Interpreters are available on-demand and can translate in 14 different languages. There is a private nurse available for those people who require more attention than the average patient. Family members can stay with the patient in-room with a special bed. Thailand healthcare costs are typically 30 percent less than the United States.

Other Thailand hospitals offering gasteroenterology services include: Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Bumrungrad Hospital and Chiang Ram Hospital.

Hospital Almater -- Mexico

Hospital Almater has been providing state-of-the-art technology and medical care to the community since 1985. This hospital offers services to patients requiring gastroenterological procedures at a fraction of the price. Overall, Mexico is ranked 61st out of 190 hospital systems around the world. There are over 60 specialists that provide care to this hospital. The hospital is small, but it is JCI accredited and has plans for future expansion. Mexico typically offers, at least, 25 percent to 35 percent off of procedures for medical tourism.

Other Mexico hospitals include: San Angel and Dr. Jesus Arturo Armenta Jasso.

Mahkota Medical Centre -- Malaysia

Mahkota Medical Centre is located in Malaysia. This private care facility features 356-beds and is located in the business district of Malacca. Many people combine their Malaysia trip with a Kuala Lumpur trip or a Singapore. Gastroenterology treatments are administered at this facility by experienced professionals. Malaysia medical procedures are typically 25 percent off of the United States costs.

Nova Medical Center Kailash Colony -- India

The Nova Medical Center Kailash Colony is a new medical center with modern state-of-the-art equipment featured. Experienced gastroenterologists will perform surgical procedures and diagnostic testing in this new medical facility located in New Delhi. The staff communicates fluently in English and Hindi.

In India, a patient can receive a lap cholcystectomy for $3,000. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the surgery would cost $18,000 and $70,000 respectively. Obesity surgery in the United States is $65,000, and in India, it is $9500. The cost savings are considerable.

German Hospital Taksim -- Turkey

The German Hospital Taksim has its JCI accreditation and is one of the largest healthcare providers in Turkey. There are over 12,000 international patients that visit the hospital annually for gastroenterology and other treatments. More than 100 physicians work for the hospital and deliver quality services daily. The hospital features seven operating rooms and 291 beds. Turkey prices are typically 75 percent to 90 percent of North American and European prices.

Rabin Medical Center -- Israel

Rabin Medical Center is JCI accredited and is the second largest hospital in Israel. There are over 1000 physicians serving this hospital and 4,500 staff members. The cost for medical treatment in Israel is 30 percent to 60 percent lower than North America and Europe.

Gastroenterology Treatment is Affordable Through Medical Tourism

Gastroenterology treatment is affordable with medical tourism packages. People should consider medical tourism packages for exceptional healthcare and cost savings.