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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Dermatology in Medical Tourism Around the World

Dermatology in Medical Tourism Around the World

Dermatology is growing in popularity for medical tourism. Many people travel outside of their home countries for elective treatments and surgeries that cost more in their home countries. Other people travel to find the best doctors and others travel to combine a vacation with medical treatment. There are several dermatology treatment centers around the world that patrons can visit. Here are a couple of examples:

Medical Tourism in the Philippines

Many people travel to the Philippines to receive dermatology care. The country offers a comprehensive line of dermatology treatments. The most popular hospitals in the Philippines include: David Surgi-Center, YSA, Beverly Hills Medical Group and Asian Hospital and Medical Center. The Medical City has its JCI accreditation and serves over 40,000 in-patients per year. This is one of the largest health care facilities in the Philippines offering dermatology services to medical tourists.

Estetico Manila is also another popular cosmetic and dental clinic serving international patients from numerous locations. World Citi Med is a private medical hotel in the Philippines. It is the first and only medical hotel of its kind. St. Luke’s Medical Center is a JCI accredited medical facility that serves both domestic and international patients. The facility has 1,700 medical consultants and 600 in-patient beds.

Medical Tours in Costa Rica

Medical Tours in Costa Rica are some of the best for dermatology. Annually, the hospitals serve over two thousand patients from Canada, England, the United States and other countries around the world. Many travel professionals are available to help people book medical tours online. Costa Rica is a preferred place to heal from dermatology procedures because the area is beautiful and scenic.

The medical centers are accredited by international institutions. The physicians are some of the best in the industry. Whether the patient is receiving services for dermatology or cosmetic surgery, the medical facilities in Costa Rica will provide the services necessary for clients.

Medical Tourism in the United States

Medical tourism in the United States is also coveted around the world. Dermatologists in Beverly Hills have been catering to royalty and celebrities annually to fix a blemish or brown spot. Many celebrities in Hollywood have propelled their careers forward after receiving help from the world-renowned dermatology experts.

There are numerous dermatologists that offer testimonials and referrals online and by request. Before selecting a dermatologist, check the referrals, endorsements and testimonials to find the right physician. Whether someone needs anti-aging treatments or needs help eliminating skin cancer, medical professionals in Beverly Hills can help.

Medical Tourism in Brazil

As a leader in dermatology, Brazil hosted The 14th World Congress on Cancers of the Skin. This conference spoke about the identification and treatment options available for skin cancers. When the conference is not at the forefront of Brazilian activities, Brazil is serving patients from around the world in variety of different areas in dermatology. Medical tourism offers affordable care that is a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments.

Consider Medical Tourism for Dermatology Treatments

Medical tourism for dermatology can save patients as much as 75 percent or more. If treatment and a vacation are required, medical tourism for dermatology treatment is recommended. Many people pay for the treatments from their health savings accounts. This is an affordable way to save. Consider medical tourism for your treatment needs.