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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Dental Implants - How Much Can They Cost?

Dental Implants - How Much Can They Cost?

Most people look at missing teeth as a huge dive in confidence, leading to embarrassment since they need to keep hiding their smile. Even worse, lost teeth can create the illusion that the person is older than he really is. Usually, replacing teeth requires some kind of dentures or bridgework to correct. However, patients can opt for dental implants as this procedure leaves natural looking teeth that permanently rest there.

Surgeons provide a high-tech surgical procedure to install dental implants, fusing teeth to the jawbone directly. Naturally, this requires healthy gums, meaning those looking for this kind of treatment need to be in good oral health and have enough bone to handle the procedure. Dental implants are permanent, lasting a lifetime; since the procedure fuses them directly into bone, it's possible to forget the implants are there at all.

There are two primary kinds of implants. The first is an endosteal implant where they're fixed directly to the bone using blades, cylinders or screws. Each one is capable holding multiple teeth, making them ideal for those who have dentures or bridgework. The other kind is a subperiosteal implant that is placed on top of the jaw. The framework goes through the jaw to fuse the tooth, making it ideal for those who have insufficient bone height to wear dentures.

Typically, getting a single implant will cost between $1,000 and $3,000, but the cost can go as high as $10,000 if other procedures like a sinus lift, tissue and bone grafts or extractions are a part of the surgery.

The implant has an extension called an abutment made out of metal attached to it, followed by either a denture, a bridge or a crown. Normally, the surgeon completes the procedure in stages, offering different price for the surgical procedure, the abutment and replacement tooth insertion and sometimes another charge for a flipper tooth, which the patient needs to keep as they allow their jaw time to heal.

Having the dental grown and abutment placed on a single implant will normally increase the price between $500 to $3,000 for just that part. This leads to an overall total between $1,500 to $13,000. On average, people tend to pay about $4,260 for the overall procedure but as little as $1,750.

Naturally, the more implants that are required, the higher the price can go. Consider the price for getting two to six implants with either partial or full-mouth bridges; this procedure could cost as little as $3,500 or as much as $30,000 or even more. The average price for a three- or four-bridge on two implants is about $8,480 with a high of $16,000 and a low of $4,000.

The price can also vary depending on the type of implants along with the number of implants. For instance, mini-implants do not cost as much. Getting multiple implants up to six with a denture plate that could be removed would cost as little as $3,500 and as high as $30,000 or over. The denture materials and additional procedures would also affect the overall price. Getting a full set of dentures of implants would cost as little as $7,000 or as high as $90,000.

On average, getting a single denture plate costs about $14,220 with a high of $27,850 and a low of $3,800. On average, getting a complete set of dentures supported by implants costs about $34,110.

Keep in mind that these are expenses incurred directly by the patient as most insurance will not cover implants as they are considered cosmetic procedures.