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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Costs of Fertility Treatments and why go Abroad

Costs of Fertility Treatments and why go Abroad

Infertility can be a heartbreaking obstacle to confront, with millions of couples around the globe struggling with the impact of such a diagnosis. Fortunately, there are many different medical procedures and treatments available that can be a powerful resource for those hoping to conceive. While these is no question that such treatments can be incredibly effective, in some instances fertility medications and procedures can leave patients with several thousand dollars worth of medical bills. This phenomenon has led to many fertility patients seeking out treatments in hospitals abroad.

Exploring the Impact of Fertility Treatments

According to medical estimates, nearly 6% of all births in the United States are facilitated through fertility treatments.* These treatments vary greatly, including medications intended to stimulate the ovaries, and assisted reproductive technologies, in which fertilized embryos are implanted in a woman's womb. For many of the women who undergo fertility treatments in order to conceive, multiple rounds of medication and in some instances, assistance in reproduction itself, are needed.

Financial Repercussions of Infertility

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine estimates a single in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure to cost approximately $12,400.* In addition to these costs, many fertility patients can expect to pay for lab work, additional medications, and any tests that need to take place. This can easily translate to a substantial medical bill. Patients who struggle with reproduction may also need to be closely monitored during the pregnancy itself, and may be required to undergo further testing or treatments. These treatments can add to the existing medical costs.

Pursuing Less Costly Infertility Treatments

Travelling abroad to obtain less costly infertility treatments is not a phenomenon limited solely to American patients. Medical costs can vary greatly across the board, leading many couples to seek out treatments in less expensive environments. In a study conducted in the United Kingdom, an estimated 71% of participants were found to be motivated primarily by the economic cost of infertility treatments.* Seeking out treatments that could potentially be more effective than those offered in local hospitals was also a motivating factor.

Factors to Consider

Medical facilities throughout the globe can have very different protocols and procedures, making it essential for couples seeking fertility treatments to carefully research the options available to them. In addition to undergoing fertility treatments, some patients choose to conceive using donor eggs or sperm. Depending on the relationship status of the couple involved, it may be necessary to consider multiple facilities.*

It is also important to take government regulations into consideration when considering conception abroad. For example, American immigration rules require a parent to have a biological link to the child, in order to bestow citizenship.* It may be useful to consult with a qualified immigration attorney before attempting to undergo treatments abroad. An attorney can act as a buffer between immigration offices and the patient involved in the procedure, and can offer valuable insight as to what is expected legally of the patient.

Seeking out fertility treatments has a wide range of different benefits, but it can be taxing on a woman's body and emotions. Rather than unnecessarily subjecting oneself to a financial burden along with the other risks, undergoing fertility treatments abroad can help make certain the woman's health is the number one priority. Millions of couples have successfully added a new baby to their family using a medical facility located abroad. By investing the time and energy researching available options, would-be parents can find an effective solution that will be a viable option in their quest to conceive.